Don’t wish for it. Work for it.
DEC / 2018

Version 3.0

150 store pilot program • Real-time statistics
Prototype video ︎
Store managers indicated an interest in more detailed appointment data visualizations focused on weekly and monthly trends.

︎New dashboard screen with detailed statistics and coaching information.

Analytics data showed a drop in appointments, due to low engagement. At the same time, sales reps wanted to have identity management using their existing AT&T login details.

︎Implementing DIRECTV dropdown for sales reps and including a one-touch button from AT&T proprietary sales software (used on iPads).
Sales reps indicated they were completely ignoring the instructions on the confirmation page, deeming it too text-heavy. Customers complained they didn’t know what 1-800 number would be calling them or how to prepare for their appointment.

︎New confirmation screen with simple steps to show directly to customer.