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APR / 2018

Do better.
Make more.
Blow people’s minds.

I have a foundation in the arts, experience in the advertising industry, and a masters degree in communication. I marketed goods to consumers for nearly a decade and became a UX designer to flip the table. Now I make products better by delighting users rather than persuading them.

My Passion ︎

Design ︎ Research

1. Started as an artist

My father handed me a film camera when I was 10 years old and the rest is history. I became engrossed in the art of black and white photography and hosted my own solo gallery show when I was just 13 years old. I went on to graduate from Boston University for Film & Television.

2. Worked in advertising

I worked as a graphic designer to pay for college, worked briefly abroad in Australia, and moved to Los Angeles seeking work at a flashy ad agency. I was lucky enough to become a video editor and worked up the ladder from editing TV commercials to directing them.

3. Pivoted to UX design

I decided to double-down on my design skills by doing a bootcamp in San Francisco, my hometown. Now I focus my efforts on projects that live in the intersection between UX design and research. 


“Without question, one of the most impressive and intelligent people I’ve ever worked with. Not just a doer but a thinker, and a highly sophisticated and seasoned one at that.”

David Yarus
Founder, JSwipe & mllnl

“He is at once reflective and engaging, all while bringing a design-thinking approach to working with people and teams.”

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez
2018 Congressional Candidate

“He’s fearless. No matter what we threw at him, he jumped in head first. He’s a rare talent with a severe entrepreneurial drive.”

Joshua Smutko
Creative Director, Omelet

“Give him an idea and he’ll run with it, brainstorm with him and he’ll help make an idea unforgettable.”

Anna Villano
Creative Director, IntentLA

“He dares to think (way) outside the box and celebrates others when they do the same.”

Liz Breen
Copywriter, Arnold Worldwide

“An innovator who approaches every situation with an open mind and total commitment.”

Alex Hood
Marketing Specialist, Scout Recruitment