Next steps

The goal of this 2 week sprint was to create a puppy delivery service specifically catered towards users in major metro areas. While this was a spec project to create a first-of-its-kind puppy delivery service, there is interest in this type of product, albeit with many questions and expectations about how it works. If BravePup were to create a go-to-market strategy in Seattle, they could hypothetically increase adoption rates, create a new revenue stream, and deliver happiness in ways never thought possible.
  • Deeper usability testing
  • Create multiple user archetypes
  • Create journey maps (for humans and puppies)
  • Test example scenario with a real dog with a handler
  • Understanding partnerships with with animal shelters
  • iOS version
  • Web/desktop version
  • Establishing a design system
  • Identity management screens
  • Handler mobile view
  • Adoption next steps