I tasked myself with a 4-day sprint to redesign the Burlington Coat Factory website to promote a shopping experience that is more intuitive and faster. For this challenge I pushed myself to learn AdobeXD—a new design tool specializing in rapid digital prototyping—to create a high-fidelity solution in just a few days.

Burlington Coat Factory is one of the largest discount retailers in the U.S. with over 560 physical stores across the nation. They sell a wide variety of clothes, home goods, and other extraneous products in-store and online. In fact, they sell over 120 different types of items, making searching and refining filters to find a specific item an critical part of the user experience.
Redesign entire shopping experience for Burlington e-commerce visitors from landing to checkout.

Performance indicators
︎ Shorten average time to checkout in half
︎ User flow success rate above 50%
︎ NPS above 80

End-to-end research and design
2 weeks

Existing site
Burlington ︎

Interactive prototype
Link ︎