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DEC / 2017

Design & Test

Current user flow (12 pages)

New user flow (6 pages)

New user flow

The current website had 12 individual pages users had to navigate through in order to eventually search, select, and purchase an item. I set a goal to eliminate half of these pages—6 total.

User flow became my top priority in my design process. My user persona already knew the product she was looking for (a winter coat), so I focused on making it easy to search for a specific item, instead of focusing on ways to discover a product by roaming around. I also removed all the visual burdens and frustrations that usability testers found in the current Burlington website.

I shortened the user-flow in half using a bookended strategy:
  • On the homepage, removing extra steps required to actually find a product — creating a very strong filtering and search feature
  • At the final checkout process, consolidating individual checkout pages into a simplified step-by-step process
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