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DEC / 2017

Next Steps

My new design successfully cut time spent searching for an item on Burlington Coat Factory in half.

More product types
Integrating all 120 other product types into the homepage filtering module. This would be in alignment with possible business goals and other stakeholder groups.

Mobile App
Creating a mobile app catered to purchasing coats rather than all store items. This would make it easier for users to purchase coats and jackets faster and expand the current e-commerce user base to a younger market.

Global Nav
A/B testing of a new global navigation bar for better clickthrough rates. This would build upon my design goal of simplifying the currently complex nav bar and header area on the website.

A 4-day design sprint requires downsizing certain aspects of the UX process (like usability testing) into agile formats (testing with the same users over and over) in order to make the best use of time.

4 days goes much faster than initially expected. To make the best use of my time, I focused on the core components of the UX process: user interviews, affinity mapping, user persona, rapid prototype iterations, and agile user testing.

When frustrations arose, moving towards the next step in the UX process was beneficial in making the best use of time. "Pencils down, eyes up."

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