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A modern logo and brand redesign
I wanted to add some freshness to the old logo without altering the it's design. I decided to change the light blue to a glossy dark gradient which makes the U really feel curved and thick. I then applied the same styling to the rest of the characters and slid in a drop shadow. After that, the logo really came to life.

I created these facebook landing pages in 2009 and they certainly needed a refresher. The it wasn't functioning to provide information about what the company does. The same so-so feeling carried on with the profile images. They were okay, but they needed some design upgrades and more flavor.

After some thought, I came up with these graphics below. I used the old-skool idea of a high-school yearbook for a background. I took the photos in 2008 for a theater company, and found them looking through my archives. They create a unique patterned background, and because they're all black & white, any colored graphics that are infront of them really pop out.

I then placed the logo front and center and added a blue overlay. This overlay takes from the old design, but because it's edges aren't restricted to a specific area, the overlay appears to hover infront of the background. Finally, adding in a slogan that is offset by the black of 'we' and 'you' makes a difference that clearly seperates the two phrases without the need for a comma. So with that, refreshed graphics that take from the old elements and add new styling for something that looks fresh.