Be a voice, not an echo. 
DEC / 2017

Create a community, not a sales pitch.
Volkswagen used to make a quarterly magazine to showcase new vehicles to its drivers. But if I was a person who already drives one of their cars, why would I spend 5 minutes to read more about them? People walk into car dealerships already knowing what they want—they've done their research online. VW should promote it's own influential and amazing drivers. This could create positive brand perception, increase word-of-mouth marketing, and organic customer retention.

Taking cues from niche and underground art magazines, I purposely created a minimalist concept that is off-brand for VW. Don't get it twisted. Ultra-fresh creative doesn't reflect an off-brand strategy. Taking risks is what cool brands do. Here were the goals for the concept:

- VW uses minimal design language, have the magazine reflect that.
- Every article should include what model the author drives, and do it in a subtle way.
- No logos: if you want to speak like a human, you can't tout the fact that you're a global automobile manufacturer.

Imagine if VW published something like this only once and never again. What would people say? If anything, they'd be interested in learning about the brand.

Role: Art Director
Brief: Concept
Brand: Volkswagen
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