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JUL / 2018

Thrive together.

HomeShare is making shared housing become a reality. This is how the startup can improve their visual design framework to keep more users from going elsewhere.

HomeShare has created a housing platform that enables affordable city living in shared apartments, with roommates matched based on personality to ensure everyone lives happily. They have partnered with over 26 apartment complexes across the U.S. and have a consumer-facing website as a primary sales driver.

I addressed feedback from new users by updating the visual design with a high-level goal to increase brand trustworthiness. I focused my designs on a new design system that would match their target demographic: Millennials.
Address brand trust, usability, and visual design by updating the HomeShare website based on feedback.

Success metrics
︎ Improve brand trustworthiness by ≥20%
︎ Improve usability by ≥15%
︎ A/B test >65% in favor of new design

5 days

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New designs

Improved trust

At its core, HomeShare is an apartment search tool. I focused my design efforts to create a better brand experience that increases credibility and gets users into the apartment they want, in the same amount of time it takes to book a hotel room.

Increased usability

Who says booking apartment searching has to make us nervous? Using design elements from the travel and hospitality industries, I added new features to keep users on-track and from jumping to competitors’ sites.