Lyft’s open self-driving platform is bringing together the world’s best car manufacturers and technology companies to create a new type of ridesharing network. While that happens, Lyft needed to address existing issues with their mobile apps.

I addressed concerns from daily Lyft riders and drivers by designing a new rider app on my own, with the overall goal to speed up the app interaction time for drivers and riders. As of this writing, Lyft has released a new beta version of their app, which suprisingly paralleled my own research and designs.
Address multiple UX issues from existing users by creating faster user flows and overhauling core visual design elements.

Performance indicators
︎ Shorten average ride request time by 1 minute
︎ Ride request success rate at least >80%
︎ Self-driving tutorial completion <3 min

End-to-end research and visual design
2 weeks

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