Upgrade the core interactions of the Lyft apps for speed and usability

Client: Spec project
Role: Product Designer
Tools: Sketch, InVision
Year: 2017

Lyft’s open self-driving platform started bringing together the world’s best car manufacturers and technology companies in late 2017. While that iniative was being established, Lyft needed to fix existing UX challenges with their mobile apps.

I conducted research with daily riders and drivers to redesign the most painful intereactions with both mobile apps, significantly untouched since 2016. As of 2018, Lyft released a new version of their app, which suprisingly paralleled my own research and design efforts.

Case study and project files ︎



Average time savings to request a ride with new design


Average completion rate for new rider app design

72 seconds

Average time to complete a tutorial and be ready to enter an autonomous vehicle for the first time