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2-day music festival, 2 genres of performers, 1 design
Working on the main poster design with the event coordinators, we came up with a split-layout. Each side of the poster would be dedicated to the artists for that day. Using a concert photo as the background, I overlaid blue & red as the contrasting colors. Yellow was used to highlight the critical concert information.

But before we released the final poster design, the coordinators wanted to create something to generate buzz on campus. Since yellow was already in our palette and shared as a color for both the sponsoring student groups, I created the poster on the right. Ttwo logos and a big date—how's that for buzz?

The sliced design carried onto the tickets, where only one half of the background image was overlaid with the corresponding poster color. The design also allowed for a unique-looking ticket.

The name for the event came from the highlight performer, Milkman. We wanted to create a name for something that would also have a festival connotation. With that in mind, I thought about a milk carton image with the expiration date being the first night of the event. I guess you could say the milk's gone bad. Choosing a yellow shirt encapsulated the vivid nature of the event and using purple (its contrast color), the text and graphics clearly stood out. To conclude, I created some odd, but unique designs for an absolutely crazy two-day event.

(Video from Spencer)