Don’t wish for it. Work for it.
JAN / 2019

Depart right on arrival.

Getting to and from the airport impacts all travelers. This is how Mozio can embrace material design to win over new users.

Mozio has a website and mobile app covering over 2,000 airports globally. Their software platform allows travel brands to sell airport transportation to their customers using white label API integrations. Users can compare and book any type of ground transportation from a metro ticket to black car service either through, their mobile app, or a partner website.

I addressed concerns from new users, by creating improved web and mobile designs, with the goal to increase usability. I focused my designs on improving the visual design for new users as Mozio’s platform grows.
Address multiple UX issues from new users by overhauling core visual design elements for web and creating a refined new mobile experience.

Performance indicators
︎ SUS of search results page >“B” grade
︎ NPS of new mobile design >70
︎ New to old homepage preferred >60%

End-to-end research and visual design
1 Week

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Software integrations
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New designs

An upgraded website to increase traffic and growth

Who says booking airport transfers has to be complicated? I upgraded the website with new visual designs, and a refined design language that gives users a great experience from search to checkout.

A new mobile experience, simplified for speed

At its core, Mozio is a private transit comparison tool. I also created a new experience for their mobile app that removes extraneous tasks and gets users the ride they want, in less than a minute.