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FEB / 2018

Future destinations.

In five years, public transit agencies will continue to compete with an influx of autonomous vehicles and ridesharing brands. This is how planners will utilize on-demand routes to make pubilc transit competitive in 2023.

Remix is revolutionizing transit planning around the world. While more agencies join their growing list of customers today, the future of public transit looks increasingly vague five years from now. Ridesharing and autonomous vehicle technology paints a futuristic picture where public transit may not function like it does today.

You may have heard of on-demand routes or microtransit: bus lines that serve specific stops with an advance reservation, but cost the same as a regular fare while delivering a faster travel time—a futuristic hybrid between public transit and ridesharing. Remix lives on the cusp of new transit technology, so I addressed an increasingly opaque future by creating a new product: planning on-demand transit routes.

Coming Late February
Help planners create future on-demand routes and schedules five years from now.

Performance indicators
︎ System usability score above average (68%)
︎ Completion rate above 50%

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