Future destinations.

Remix 2028

Remix is currently a web-hosted application for planning and scheduling public transit systems. With the impact of automation and data science, planners are likely to take on a new set of responsibilities by 2028.

The goal of the futurecast is to assist Remix by predicting the future and then reverse- engineer that prediction to figure out the necessary products and services to be created to stay ahead of the curve.

What does transit planning look like in 2028?

Wearable display,  desktop
3 weeks

The first futurecast for transit planning software

Who says you can’t create the future? I built a new user interface that allows future transit planners to incorporate not just planning, but operations, community feedback, and system optimization.

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A story from the not-so-distant future

I worked with Smokedship to create concept designs and a story to illustrate the functionality of the UI design as well as the inclusive user flow.

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