Don’t wish for it. Work for it.
DEC / 2018

Items to research and design

Based on the retrocast, I examined what designs Remix could start building today to test these assumptions and position the business for future success in a wildly automated and integrated future.
︎Ratings system
︎Automated schedules
︎Areas where automation can take over manual tasks
︎Approvals process
︎Rider feedback
︎Wearable notification
︎Mobile apps for Remix
︎ Efficiency ratings
︎Vehicle tracking & status
︎Seamless switching between operations and planning
Future transit tech that could become mainstream
︎Electric buses
︎Autonomous vehicles
Acceleration of deep learning to create complete automation
︎What machine learning is automating today
︎What machine learning is expected to automate soon
UI style guides for 2028
︎Minority report/AR
︎Display types
︎Interaction types (hand motions, VR/AR input, touchscreen)