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Simple Setup

Help 98% of AT&T premium insurance customers realize they have 24/7 tech support

Client: AT&T
Role: Lead Designer
Tools: Sketch, InVision
Year: 2017

While at Asurion, I created a gamified appointment tool that helps customers utilize the most of their monthly $15 subscription by empowering sales reps to schedule tech support appointments. Sales reps are relieved of technical troubleshooting, customers get assistance at home, phone agents are better prepared for every call, and the company reduces churn on subscription rates.

Our challenge was to find ways of showcasing the support experience to existing customers, through design sprints, research, and constant iteration.

Case study and project files ︎



Appointments scheduled during first 4 months of pilot


Appointments kept during pilot program. Industry average is 50%

4-8 hours saved per week

Average weekly time savings for sales reps, after eliminating tech support in-store for premium customers