Redesign for a high-traffic link agregator and registration website.
After a decade of old html, it was time for an upgrade to add more functionality while maintaining the same type of organizational structure. The issue with the old design is that it failed to act as the single site for all students to get their information from. Links were spread out in complicated categories and some of the most important academic links were not even included.

Taking queues from Microsoft's Zune/Windows 7 Mobile software and the graphic style of BU sites running wordpress, I created a new design for the StudentLink. Light fonts, more buttons, and simple colors are sprinkled throughout the homepage to keep development costs low and increase functionality

Adding in.
Looking at the second image, a red scrolling header would provide instant updates for students. Categories are now listed on the right and are more simplified. Honor students could be highlighted prominently and events for the day would also be shown on the homepage. Academic links as big buttons allows for easy access to syllabi and assignments

Within each category, links appear larger and the registration software could still maintain it's old styling. A visual drop-down menu would always be accessible. In addition, pages for student union and other important on-campus organizations could be included.

My design was never implemented, but it won praise and started conversations amongst many directors within the Dean of Students Office.

The current design:

My redesign:

Role: Designer