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The film that changed my life.
When I was a freshman in college, I knew I wanted to do gain a career in film or television or photography or something, but I didn't know how I felt about making videos until I worked as a production assistant on this short film. It was a total chance that I happend to be in a TV History class with Nick Farago, a senior working on his final project. Little did I know that just a few days of working on this film would excite and inspire me to gain a career in Hollywood.

I shot with him, his small crew and the actors who are all wonderful people: Jonathan Hausfater, Akhil Bhatt, Sophie Simpson, and Vincent Joseph. We spent a day shooting at a St. Patrick's Day parade in Mout Holyoke, Massachusetts. Which was an incredibly unique experience because of the parade environment, and the education I received while working with everyone. At one point, I set up a jib with no prior experience and helped them shoot a couple takes of the characters rushing onto frame while the camera flies off and upward to show the parade. This exact moment in my life was when I realized how wonderful storylines combined with beautiful filmography make incredible pieces of art. This is when I knew I had to make films.

Working on this short film certainly changed my life and I think about it often as I try to make my way in to Hollywood. I want to tell stories like this one and work with professionals as talented as the small crew on this film. So yeah, I do have a favorite movie, and I helped make it too.

"This Must Be The Place" went on a circuit to become part of the official selection at: Festival de Cannes 2010 Short Film Corner, Louisville Film Festival, Charlotte FIlm Festival, New Jersey Film Festival, and the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival — awesome!