Hilltop-Pinole Extension

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Extending the current Richmond BART line one stop north, to Hilltop Mall and the Pinole area. The concept address heavy traffic congestion long I-80 while increasing BART and local transit ridership.
The project would focus on utilizing an existing parking lot with hundreds of spaces for park-and-ride commuters traveling from nearby residential areas like Pinole, El Sobrante, and North Richmond. In addition, it would increase retail sales at Hilltop Mall and provide new mixed-use opportunities for retail and housing development. It could be the most heavily-used suburban Bart station if constructed.

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CSUN Orange Line Exension

Los Angeles Metro

Creating a new bus rapid transit route in the San Fernando Valley, providing new public transit opportunities for important commercial and residential neighborhoods along a major avenue.
As communities continue to grow, many cities have expanded their BRT transit lines. The G3 Concept will provide a permanent, cost-effective transit solution that increases foot traffic for com-mercial properties, provides permanent transit access for growing residential areas, and links five neighborhoods together; solidify-ing their importance in the San Fernando Valley. This transit concept could have the biggest transit impact for the valley since the Orange Line opened in 2014.

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Emeryville Bus Corridor

Cities of Emeryville, Oakland, and Berkeley, California

A partial bus rapid transit corridor that focuses on linking the city of Emeryville and West Oakland with two Bart stations to the north and south.
Emeryville is a one square-mile city that is home to an abundance of retail shops, large oice buildings, and multi-story residences. The EBC addresses vehicle traic congestion while increasing major transit access. In addition, West Oakland faces significant growth in all three of the previously-mentioned areas and will need a major transit line to connect the neighborhood with a larger regional transit system like Bart.

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