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DEC / 2017

BravePup —

On-Demand Puppy Visits 2017

A new app for an existing corporate service

BravePup already brings rescue puppies to corporate events in Seattle for employee health and wellness. Our aim was to deliver this experience to individuals so they can relieve anxiety using a proven social technique: puppy love.

User Interview

Brainstorming User Flow
Design Studio

As the UX program manager and visual designer for this project, I combined expert project management skills with my passion for user experience design. I provided input, mitigated conflicts, and empowered cross-functional collaboration throughout the process to meet tight deadlines during research, testing, and delivery phases. I also analyzed feedback from user testing to transform the medium-fidelity digital prototype into high-fidelity.

Disclaimer: All prices and business offerings in this app prototype do not reflect actual services provided by BravePup and are only for purposes of this case study.


Screener survey and competitive analysis

Can dogs relieve stress? Our team conducted initial research through a screener survey with questions related to workplace stress and interest in dogs.

We received 33 responses and ran statistical analyses (one-sample t-tests) to determine if there were any trends in our data. We found a correlation between having a higher interest in puppies and higher stress levels at work.

We also compared three indirect competitors, located across the country. We found that no service combined an hourly-rental service for individuals, a mobile app, and dog profile pages. We used these insights to determine what the main features of our potential app would be. We new it had to be a service, primarily done through a mobile app, with the ability to rent puppies on-demand.

Observational study

We continued our research by visiting a local pet adoption event in downtown San Francisco.

Because of the holiday season, Macy's was holding their annual pet adoption event that places puppies and kittens that are ready for adoption in their storefront windows. We interviewed SPCA volunteers who provided us with adoption statistics and reasons behind adopting pets during the holiday season. We learned that over 280 puppies and kittens were adopted within a 3-week period before the Christmas holiday.

From this observational research, we learned these major insights:

1. People of all ages are interested in looking at or admiring puppies and kittens, regardless of a storefront window location.

2. People seem happier or filled with more joy when seeing these animals.

3. People want to adopt these animals simply by seeing them close up.

4. The need for pet adoption is significant regardless of the holiday season.

Macy's department store - San Francisco storefront window

User interviews and affinity mapping

To get a deeper understanding of what users would want in a potential puppy delivery app we interviewed eight potential users.

We combined our interview data into an affinity map to examine trends that users had in relationship to a potential puppy delivery app. It became apparent that because potential users were externally busy during the week they would like to have an "instant" delivery service that provides them with stress relief during the work week. Therefore, our new app had to be easy to use and quick at scheduling a delivery. We created a user persona and began work designing our user flow.

Design & Test

User flow with low-fidelity sketches

New user flow

We crafted a simple user flow that takes the best parts of onboarding, online dating, and mobile checkout.

We created a user flow based on the app features we had in mind and the requriements we needed users to accomplish: onboard, provide location, choose puppies, payment, see order status. Our team had multiple ideas an opinions on how to get through each step, and we worked through different ideas as a team.

Designing user flow

Running a design studio
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