An aggregator for tweets about Boston University.
I was asked by an administrator to design a search concept that would aggregate all the local tweets from students on campus. I used the #bu hashtag for the title of the site and pull characteristics from interesting sites I liked. Today, the site has only existed at the design level, and there are no plans to publish it for public use.

On the first page, the most recent tweets would be published. The popular tag cloud at the bottom came from flickr. It would have words that changed in size based on their popularity for the day. Clicking on a tag would simply do a search for that item and pull up a list of recent tweets.

Users would also be able to cycle through different types of views and sort them based on different groups on campus. This idea came from Adobe design software, where users can switch between different screen organizations.

Most interestingly, the site was not designed to highlight popular tweets or specific users, but instead popular tags. Community members would add their name to the corresponding list after signing in, so the database could track students, alumni, and other groups of community members.

My idea for #bu was never created, but it's still a cool idea that could help create an online community.

Role: Designer