Don’t wish for it. Work for it.
DEC / 2018

Marketing strategy

I decided to go onto the streets of Santa Monica to engage with strangers for a social media campaign. Based on feedback and data analysis from the website, I aimed to deliver a new experience to users that was more engaging. I decided to use social media to land a job while standing on a sidewalk. Pitching it as the first job application live on the internet.
Increase user engagement

My aim was to create as much social media content as possible, using strangers to create dynamic content while showcasing my social characteristics and charisma to engage others participating in a unique event.
Target ad agencies

I hired social media researchers to compile a list of usernames for the top 100 advertising agencies and social influencers on Twitter. With this list, I hired a copywriter to draft 50 different catchy, strange, and unique tweets that I would use to tag my users with.
Get nationwide attention

My advertising budget was directed to engage a wide audience for a short period of time, aiming to get my event trending on social media or national-level news outlets. In addition, I planned to livestream the entire event.