Rebel with a cause.

Do Not Hire Me

Product design + advertising
"Do Not Hire Me" was ad campaign to get hired at an advertising or marketing agency while I was freelancing between jobs. My goal was to use a design-thinking to craft a new online brand and execute a successful brand activation event.

I wanted to deliver a unique experience to marketing professionals who often embrace and enjoy sarcasm.

How can I get land a job in advertising by promoting my creative skills while standing out from the crowd?

3 months
The original website ︎

A website to discourage hiring

Who says personal websites have to be self-promoting? I built the only website to deter recruiters from hiring me, even if I had a great background in advertising. So even if they were interested, I was going to be the out-of-the-box candidate they should pass on.

The first job application, live on the internet

I got millions of visitors to help me get hired, only using social media and a livestream camera. Anything is possible when you hire two production assistants, put on a suit, and spend 8 hours shooting Vine videos with strangers.