The future spreads like cold butter.
MAY / 2018

Do better.
Make more.
Blow people’s minds.

I have a foundation in the arts, experience in the advertising industry, and a masters degree in communication. I marketed goods to consumers for nearly a decade and became a UX designer to flip the table. Now I delight people instead of persuading them.

My Passion ︎

Research ︎ Design

Remix 2028
Future destinations.
Depart right on arrival.
Public transit on-demand.
Tomorrow’s rides, today.
Premium support revolution.

Faster search, faster checkout.

On-demand puppy delivery.

Auto care comes to you.

Do Not Hire Me
Rebel with a cause.
Side Projects ︎

Daily UI

Sketching and creating 100 user interface designs to become a stronger visual designer.

Transit Planning

Concepts for underserved communities and new transit corridors in California.

Advertising Archive

Before UX Design, I edited TV commercials and branded content.